Bad Spirits

After war erupts between the Rus and the Nords, Ilya the spy finds himself on the run from both governments–and the disgruntled ex-leader of the Nord’s secret service, Timmo. But there’s something strange about Timmo now, something Ilya can’t quite put his finger on …


Deep in the woods, away from human eyes, lies the secret country of the nine-tailed demon foxes. Zuru will someday be the emperor of his kin, but for now, he does what demon foxes do best: play pranks, cause trouble, and maybe even seduce a human or two.


Playing pro hockey in the IHA had always been Luke’s dream, but it wasn’t easy to get there-especially not when you’re an omega. Between trying to hide his status, playoffs, managing the rookies, drugs, and sexual trysts, Luke has his work cut out for him.
And then there’s Mason Green, playboy superstar of the LA Knights. Because Luke’s life wasn’t complicated enough.

Something in the water

Twelve Days of Heat

Short Stories