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Get to Know: Reese Lockwood

Reese is the fourth of six children, and the oldest boy in his family. Never the brightest bulb in the box, he was hoping to get a swimming scholarship. When that didn’t materialize, he decided to skip higher education and ended up working as a lifeguard at a resort in Miami for a stint. It was there he met a person who would ultimately help him pursue collegiate sport and university-level studies.

Get to Know: Gabriel Foss

Get to Know: Gabriel Foss

Gabriel Foss is the youngest of three children. He has two older sisters, Heather and Isabella (Izzy). He lives in Baltimore, Maryland, attending Johns Hopkins University, where he’s studying in hopes of becoming a pediatrician. In the meantime, he’s currently considered a top prospect in USA Swimming. He attended the 2012 London Olympics and won four medals (one gold, two silver, one bronze).