Why I Made My Character Bi

If you’re playing along with Slapshot! and read the first novel A Year Without Summer, then you know that Mason Green is very firmly and confidently bisexual.


Is AI Really the Next Big Thing in Publishing?

The arts seems to be one of the last places that machines will touch. After all, there’s not a lot of money over here—why bother getting robots to write stories for pennies?


Legends of Incubi and Succubae

I’m in a research-y mood, so let’s talk about one of my favorite subjects: mythology. Specifically, let’s talk about incubi and succubae.


Writer’s Insights: Why I Suck at Social Media

I disappeared again last week. Things got very busy, and while there have also been some issues going on, I was mad at myself. Why am I so bad at keeping on top of my blog? Why am I so bad at keeping up my social media efforts?


May Updates

It’s the merry month of May! After some really horrific weather in April, the warmth is finally here in the Toronto area. We’ve definitely been seeing some warmer temperatures and some more sun. I’m looking forward to the longer days of summer.


Are People Sick of eBooks?

Publisher’s Weekly reported a while ago that “digital fatigue” was growing among readers.

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Words Mean Things: Generation Entitled

A bit of a tangent today. Someone decided to call Millennials “generation entitled.” I’m not really sure that moniker fits. Millennials maybe have a different attitude, but I’m not sure it’s entitlement, to be perfectly honest.


WMT: Stop Using “Love” to Mean “Sex”

I hopped in on a Twitter chat a few weeks back. I mostly just observed; I’m new to the community and don’t want to step on toes. The topic was writing “love scenes.” Almost immediately, it became quite clear the showrunners were using “love” to equate with sex. The decision sparked a bit of debate […]


Writer’s Insights: Building a Fantasy World

Writing is fun, but it can also be a lot of work. Some genres clearly demand more work than others.


Writing to Trend: Should You? Can You?

I’m not exactly sure what started it, but social media was a flurry of “I hope vampires come back” recently. Some people were there expounding on how werewolves are in. Some people were bemoaning the lack of vampires in literature right now. Apparently, we’ve all been too shy to touch them since Twilight ended however […]