Submerged [Something in the Water 2]

The more things change, the more they stay the same …

Gabriel isn’t stupid enough to think there won’t be fallout after he sleeps with his teammate Reese. He just didn’t expect it to pan out like this.

As winter semester gets underway, Gabriel quickly realizes he has a lot to learn: about relationships, about himself, and about Reese too. It seems being an omega wasn’t the only secret Reese was keeping.

Even if Gabriel’s prepared to dive deep, there are larger forces at work, threatening to end their budding relationship —and their swimming careers.


  • One: New Year, New You
  • Two: Busted Up
  • Three: Matchmakers
  • Four: Dragging Me Down
  • Five: Sick as a Dog
  • Six: Blue Jean Blues
  • Seven: Be Mine
  • Eight: Fame
  • Nine: Weigh Me/Wear Me Down
  • Ten: Breakthroughs
  • Eleven: J’accuse
  • Twelve: Surprises
  • Thirteen: Drunk and Dumb
  • Fourteen: Spring Breakers
  • Fifteen: Babysitters Club
  • Sixteen: Walk Off
  • Seventeen: Grip
  • Eighteen: Trash Talk
  • Nineteen: Out of My Depth
  • Twenty: Green Light
  • Twenty-One: Invasion of Privacy
  • Twenty-Two: Fumbling Forward
  • Twenty-Three: Prize Winner
  • Twenty-Four: Setting Sail

gay romance, gay erotica, gay fiction, sports slash, contemporary

Theme & Content Warnings

infidelity, confronting homophobia, confronting racism, confronting sexism, eating disorders