Going Under [Something in the Water 1]

Gabriel isn’t about to get distracted by something like love.

At nineteen, Gabriel Foss has four Olympic medals to his name. Now back at university, he’s already focusing on the next competition on his way to a second Olympic Games.

Between swimming and studying, Gabriel doesn’t have time for romantic entanglements. Unfortunately for him, that won’t stop him from falling for his teammate and self-appointed best friend, Reese Lockwood.

As the swim team prepares for the world cup competition, Gabriel must wrestle with his newfound desires—and fierce resistance from Reese, who seems to be a master of keeping secrets. Yet he’s keeping one secret that just might take them both under.


  • One: Making a Splash
  • Two: Drown Your Sorrows
  • Three: Q&A
  • Four: Irrepressible/irresponsible
  • Five: Ignorance Might Be Bliss
  • Six: Devil on My Shoulder
  • Seven: Dirty Laundry
  • Eight: Give Me the Chills
  • Nine: No Thanks Needed
  • Ten: Foreign Affairs
  • Eleven: The Scent of You
  • Twelve: Tongue-Tied and Twists
  • Thirteen: A New Kind of Competition
  • Fourteen: Losing Grip
  • Fifteen: Filthy
  • Sixteen: Strange Sickness
  • Seventeen: Insatiable
  • Eighteen: Public Privacy
  • Nineteen: Little Lies
  • Twenty: Knotted Up
  • Twenty-One: Fever Dream

gay romance, gay erotica, gay fiction, sports slash, contemporary