About Cherry

Who is Cherry? She’s a Canadian writer from Toronto, Ontario. She started writing at a young age. In her teens, she discovered the internet and the genre of Japanese yaoi/shonen-ai, which she began writing herself. Writing fanfiction proved fertile ground for Cherry, who wrote several popular serials about high school drama and romantic entanglements. Slapshot! combines two of Cherry’s favorite things—hockey and slash—and allows her to continue experimenting with the serial format.

About Slapshot!

Slapshot! is a series about the fictional International Hockey Association and the players as they attempt to navigate the world of professional hockey in the highest profile league in the world, and an alpha/beta/omega social stratification. Rivalries, romantic entanglements, affairs, legal troubles, and family drama form the backbone of the series, with a focus on the sexual (mis)adventures of various characters. The series is published on Wattpad, although there are bonus stories published here!

The series is not afraid to touch on both serious and taboo matters, and explores the continuum of sexual experience as well as human emotional experience. Most material in the series is considered adult material, and readers are encouraged to review and adhere to the Terms of Service.