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April Update

April Update

It’s April. Let’s jump right into this.

So, March Was a Disaster

I’m honestly not even sure how this happened, but March ended up being completely bonkers. I’m not sure if was even extra work or social life demands or … what, really. I honestly didn’t think I had that much “extra” on the go. Maybe being too busy has finally become so normative for me I didn’t even notice.


I suppose I had two or three extra work projects, which definitely piled on during the last week of March. Given it was also a short week, projects were compressed. You know the thing where you schedule very carefully, but other people take their sweet time, then ask you to hold your deadline anyway? And then all your projects end up on the same schedule with the same deadline? That was last week.


My big triumph writing-wise was getting A Stranger Sort of Fairy Tale edited and out to beta readers. Everything else kind of went by the wayside though. And honestly, I’m cutting it close with Fairy Tale anyway: I have about a month to get it ready to meet its pub date.


So, yes, things definitely went dark here last week.

Will April Be Any Better?

I’d like to give an emphatic, resounding “yes!” to that question, and I’m going to try very hard. But I’m honestly just not sure at this point. Work seems like it might be quieter, but already, some of the projects I was supposed to have wrapped at the end of March are now bleeding over. One of them is pushing to mid-month. So things could easily get hairy.


A Stranger Sort of Fairy Tale is also high on the priority list, because the pub date is early May. I still want to, and hope to, meet that. I’m going to work toward it, but I don’t know if other things—such as Slapshot! or the blog—will have to suffer for it. It’s quite possible.


I am trying to put myself back in the driver’s seat in April, for sure. I don’t want March to be the norm. My focus is on going forward and getting better, not going backwards.

What’s on Deck for April?

So, instead of dwelling on what was, let’s look at what’s ahead for the month of April!


I’m likely going to keep things on the quieter side. I will try to keep the blog running as smoothly as possible. I’m hoping to have new Slapshot! chapters this month. (Nothing was written last month, which … makes it difficult to post new content!) It’s also the start of playoff season, so I’d like to maybe write a short fic around that … but that might be too ambitious.


I do want to do something for Slapshot!’s second anniversary, and I have an idea (aside from new content). But … I don’t want to make any promises, because I’m not sure I can keep them.


A Stranger Sort of Fairy Tale

This is probably the big news item for me, and I hope it’s one you’re looking forward too as well. I’m aiming for a May publication date, probably earlier. The book is with the copy editor and beta readers now, and I’m working away on interior design and cover. I hope to have something to show soon.

Book production can be intensive. While I hope things are in good shape, I don’t know yet. I may need to do more rewriting than I think, or there may be more clean-up to do. I guess we’ll find out.


The day job could also interfere, which could mean delays if things do get intense. I want to deliver the best possible book, though, so if it comes back needing rewrites, there may be a delay in the release. That’s ultimately a good thing, I think, other than the fact it means I have more work to do and may need to devote more time to the book.

April Reading

One thing I have managed to keep up with is the reading goal I set for myself. I did actually manage to read three books in the month of March! I didn’t quite get four in, but hey, maybe that means I can take a break during the month of April?


To start, a friend loaned me a manga called I Hear the Sunspot. This is a very cute and sweet story about a college student who befriends another. The second guy is usually considered something of a “loner.” He’s pretty standoffish and often shuns his classmates. It turns out he has a hearing disability.

All right, maybe reading a graphic novel is a bit of a “cheat”: I read this one in a single afternoon, in about an hour or so. (It was so cute!)


Next on my list was Hexbreaker, by Jordan L. Hawk. I loved this book. From there, I transitioned to The Oaf Prince, by Sienna Sway. I’ve been meaning to read this one for a while. I remember talking to Sienna while she was writing it, and listening to her describe it … I knew I had to read it.


Finally, I started Simon vs. the Homo Sapiens Agenda, which is now a movie (Love, Simon). I heard great things about the movie and talked to junior editor about it. We both picked up copies of the book to read before we went to see the movie. She finished the book before I did, and even though we went to see the movie before I finished the book, I can’t say I regret it.


So, yes. Lots of reading happened in March, so I suppose not everything was a total loss.

Signed up for the Newsletter Yet?

I did a thing and made a newsletter! I sent out the first one last month, and the second issue will arrive this month. You probably don’t want to pick through tons of posts on the blog to get book news, and it’s easy to miss tweets and Facebook updates, especially when you get busy. (Trust me. I know.)


So the newsletter is a quick way to stay on top of all the things going on here, with like 9,000 percent fewer excuses about me being so busy. Once a month. In your inbox. It’s easy! If you haven’t signed up yet, take a minute, take a moment …


I promise, you (probably) won’t regret it.


I have some more stuff coming up, things on longer leashes that I don’t want to say too much about just yet, but … keep your eyes peeled. Or sign up for the newsletter.


Fingers crossed for a more Ficsational April!

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