Player Profile: Cameron MacArthur

Player Profile: Cameron MacArthur

Cameron MacArthur is a Canadian professional ice hockey player, currently playing for the LA Knights of the International Hockey Association.

MacArthur is the youngest of six children. All of his siblings played hockey growing up; his father and uncles had played hockey as well. His mother often joked that she had a hockey team. MacArthur’s older brother Callum played hockey in the NACHL, while his brother Alistair played hockey at the University of Wisconsin. Cameron was the only one to crack the IHA line-up.

He was initially drafted by the Denver Colts and assigned to their NACHL affiliate. However, he never cracked the Colts line-up, despite being invited to prospect camp and taking part in pre-season games twice. He was traded to the Allentown Pirates, the Philadelphia Falcons NACHL affiliate, in the middle of his second season. He was called up after an injury to Falcons right win Ville Niemi. He played six games for the Falcons, and was sent back down.
He was invited to prospect camp and played several pre-season games for the Falcons the following year. He made the opening night roster and played well for eight games, before being sent back to the NACHL. He spent the remainder of the season there. He was traded to the Birmingham Royals during the off-season.

Quick Facts
Birthdate: August 11 (Age: 23) Height: 5’11 (180 cm) Weight: 201 lbs (91 kg) Position: Right Wing
Shoots: Right
Hometown: Calgary, AB
Draft: 67th overall (5th round; Denver Colts)
Teams: LA Knights (IHA)

His play with the Royals quickly caught the eye of the Knights upper management, and MacArthur was brought on following a November trade that saw the Knights dish two right wingers to Chicago. He played with the Knights until January 7, when he was sent back down. He was called up again following the All-Star break, finishing out the season with the Knights.

He signed a one-year deal with the Knights during the off-season. That marked his first full season in the IHA. He re-signed with the Knights in the summer. Injury limited him to 78 games in the following season.

MacArthur has been noted for his crisp passing and heavy shot. He is also noted as a remarkably resilient player, rarely missing time due to injury or illness.

Personal Life

MacArthur maintains his success is due to a deep desire to outdo his siblings. In interviews, he points to the idea that he had five older siblings who had all accomplished great things, both academically and in sports, to compete with. The bar was set very high for him as the youngest child, so he simply had to do better. He attributes his work ethic to a desire to outdo his siblings. He admits he is very competitive even off the ice.
MacArthur has been criticized for partying; the media often photgraph him at various clubs and venues around LA, and he has been linked to several women, including actress Lottie Heron and pop singer .



1 19 PHI 6 1 1 2 0 2 1 0 0 0 1 0 0
2 20 PHI 8 2 4 6 0 4 1 1 0 0 4 0 0
3 21 LAK 44 7 10 17 0 10 7 0 0 2 4 5 1
4 22 LAK 82 15 22 37 0 18 11 2 2 9 13 6 3
5 23 LAK 78 20 34 54 0 20 18 2 0 8 24 10 0
218 45 71 116 0 54 38 5 2 19 46 21 4

Other League

NCHL 18 SAN 44 17 20 37 0 20
NCHL 19 PIR 42 24 44 68 -1 18
NCHL 20 PIR 22 19 20 39 0 14
NCHL 21 ROY 10 10 11 21 0 8
Career 118 70 95 165 0 60
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