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Twelve Days of Heat: Day Six

Twelve Days of Heat: Day Six

Reese is silent on the way up; they’re on the sixth floor, about halfway up when Gabriel quirks a brow at him. Reese winces, makes a face. He knows he’s panting. He can’t get his breath. The pressure between his legs, familiar now, is rising through him, constricting his innards.

He doesn’t speak until the elevator doors have slid shut again. Then he whines, “I’m fucking wet.”

Gabriel blinks.

“It’s like fucking Niagara Falls,” he continues, and Gabriel’s eyes widen a touch.

Reese bites his lip, gives him a sidelong look, then rasps, “It’s like I got a fuckin’ cunt, ‘m fuckin’ soaked, Gabby–”

“Shut up,” Gabriel snaps.

Reese whines and shifts uncomfortably, starts panting again. “It’s weird,” he manages, “so weird—like—like—“

“Just shh,” Gabriel huffs. “We’ll get to it as soon as we can.”

He glances at Reese, then says, “Do we need anything?”

Reese blinks, blurts out the first thing that comes into his head: “I need your fuckin’ cock in me, like, five minutes ago, Flossy—”

“No, idiot,” Gabriel snaps, “like. Condoms. Do you need slick?”

Reese whines, because fuck if he knows. How is he supposed to know? Like, he guesses they need condoms or something, but lube? He feels wet, but …

Gabriel leaves him in his room, heads back downstairs. Reese groans and flops into the chair at the desk, fiddling with his waistband. Fuck, he feels so weird. Loose. Out of control. His head swims; he looks at the clock a few times, but nothing is making sense.

He’s trying to keep cool when Gabriel returns; he’s got his feet up on the desk, trying to look nonchalant, maybe bored, but he’s flush and panting, gives Gabriel this desperate look.

“Okay,” Gabriel says, “I just gotta talk to the front desk, to Gord, then we can—”

“Please,” Reese groans, “oh my God, I–”

“Sh,” Gabriel says, “on the phone.” He points.

Reese whimpers. He vacates the desk chair, crawls onto the bed. He paws at Gabriel, straddles his legs, even when Gabriel glares at him.

“C’mon,” Reese whines, drops to his knees, works the younger man’s fly open.

“Whoa,” Gabriel says, “dude, patience.”

Reese squirms. “’m being patient, ‘ve been patient, Gabby, I can’t–”

He groans a little. “Need your cock,” he whines, letting his head fall back.

Gabriel hangs up. They can deal with the hotel after.

Gabriel hauls him up to his feet. “Okay,” he says, “but let’s get you comfortable–”

“I don’t care,” Reese breathes, “nail me to the wall, I don’t care, I just–”

Gabriel doesn’t, kisses him slow and gentle instead, because he’s such a gentleman, such a goddamn fucking pussy, probably all wrapped up in his head, worrying about how Reese feels—like he feels anything but desperation clawing its way up his spine.

Reese grabs him. Drags him in, hooks one leg up over his hip, grinds up against him. He’s giggling again, fuck, he feels like he’s lost it, and he laughs, “Dude, you gonna treat me like a girl? You gonna treat me like a lady, like you need to romance me and lay me down easy–”

He leans in close, hisses, “I need you to tongue-fuck my pussy then, lick this hole til I gush all over your face–”

“Holy shit, Reese,” Gabriel huffs, shoves him off.

Reese backs into the wall, still giggling. He can’t look at Gabriel, pinches at his own nipples through his shirt. “C’mon,” he titters, “c’mon, Gabby, put me on my back, spread my legs—‘m fuckin drippin’ for you—don’t tease, don’t tease–”

Gabriel just stares at him, and he laughs a little louder, more nervously, glances off to the side. He can’t help himself, really, he can’t, and it’s hardly funny, but he keeps laughing because it’s ridiculous. This whole thing is so fucked up.

“Okay, puppy,” Gabriel says, crowding Reese up against the wall, catching him beneath the chin, tilting his head up, and capturing his mouth. Reese groans into it, rocks himself up against Gabriel’s thigh, rutting like a wanton dog. He slides his tongue into Gabriel’s mouth, nips at his lips, lets himself get sloppy because he needs it and Gabriel is not getting that.

Gabriel pulls back, panting.

“Okay,” he says, his voice rolling low and Reese grinds into his leg a little harder than he has to.

Reese falls back to the bed when the younger man pushes him, lays himself out, panting. “Don’t keep me waiting,” he purrs, rolls onto his stomach, rubs himself against the mattress. He looks over his shoulder at Gabriel, laughs, wiggles his ass.

Then he sobers, adds “Please” in a plaintive tone, because he’s not sure he can hang on much longer.

Gabriel joins him on the bed, opens his arms. Reese is against him in a second, seeking friction, seeking contact. “Please,” he breathes, his grip on Gabriel tightening. He nips at Gabriel’s neck. “Please—“

He trembles; his voice is vibrating.

Gabriel twists a hand in his hair, rakes it through. “Sh, puppy, it’s okay—we’ll get there. I just … wanna make sure this is good for you.”

He kisses Reese again. “Wanna make you feel good, puppy,” he breathes.

He runs a hand over Reese’s ass, and Reese gasps, grinds down when Gabriel nips at his jaw line, then bites down his neck. Reese groans low.

Gabriel rolls him onto his back, pins him to bed, attacks him with his mouth—presses kisses to him, his lips, his neck, slides his hands down his chest, down, down, down. Reese tenses with anticipation. They’re getting somewhere. Finally.

Gabriel’s hands are in his jeans, and Reese wriggles out of his pants, his underwear. Gabriel takes a step back, shucks off his own pants, and Reese stares at him as he jerks himself, his hand wrapped tight around his cock, standing straight up, purple with need, dripping precum already.

Fuck, he needs that, he needs that between his thighs, right now.

Gabriel shoulders his way back between Reese’s legs, spreads him wide, then tugs him toward the edge of the bed. Reese props himself up on a pillow.

Gabriel rings his hole with his finger. Reese swallows down another cry, but he can’t help the way he’s trembling.

Gabriel glances up at him, then drops his head and slides his finger around, circling. Reese flutters with anticipation, contracting and releasing, waiting, holding as Gabriel rings his hole and holy hell, he never knew that was so bloody sensitive. He shudders, and then Gabriel shoves his finger inside, stretching him wide.

Reese gasps and his body tenses again. Gabriel pauses, waits for Reese to relax again. He glances up when Reese goes slack, then pushes in deeper.

Reese tenses again, chews at his lip.

“How’s it feel?” Gabriel inquires, bends his finger a little.

Reese gasps again, tearing at the sheets. He can’t even think of a remotely intelligent reply. It feels like he needs it, like he wants it, like now, Gabriel, fuck!

The alpha pushes his middle finger against Reese’s entrance. He glances up. His eyes are bright; he wants approval.

So Reese gives him the barest of nods, closes his eyes, bites his lip a little harder.

Gabriel pushes in, and Reese tenses again, rocks onto the sensation spreading through him, because—

Gabriel pauses yet again, glances up at Reese, and Reese is going to fucking murder him, he’s going to die before they get to the good part. “You’re really tight,” the younger man says, then spreads his fingers wide.

Reese shakes around that sensation, because he’s going to lose it. He bites his lip to stay the incredulous grin. This is so fucking stupid, so fucking ridiculous.

“Never done this,” he says after a minute.


Reese shakes his head. “Nah,” he says, “like—like. I‘m Catholic, ‘m a good little Catholic boy, Gabby, gonna wait.” His breath hitches. “Gonna wait for marriage, never …”

He takes another few ragged breaths, then groans, “’m a virgin.”

Well. If one doesn’t count shoving various fingers and toiletry bottles into oneself. Reese is pretty sure it doesn’t count, because he wasn’t with anyone.

Gabriel kind of stares at him. “Not even last night?” he asks, incredulous, and Reese giggles again.

“No,” he whimpers, sobering, “a guy like that … fuck, Gabby, he’d break me. You think I’d be walkin’ today?”

Gabriel hesitates. Reese lifts his head, stares down at him, chewing at his lip. Much as he wants this, he could still get out of it. Much as he feels he needs it, like he’s going to die without it, he could stop this now and still be a virgin.

‘cause he really did take that stupid celibacy vow. He didn’t think it was gonna be a problem—he hadn’t really had anyone on the horizon for a while, but he hadn’t anticipated going into heat either.

“I made a promise,” he says, his voice breaking over the words.

Gabriel pulls his fingers out with a pop. Reese whimpers at the loss, but he’s choking up on tears, and this is right, this is what they need to do.

Oh God, he needs it; his body’s screaming for it, and he screws his eyes shut. He took that vow. He has to fucking wait, and Gabby isn’t gonna pop the question, isn’t gonna marry him on the spot, so …

He opens his eyes again. “’m supposed to wait,” he whines.

“It’s fine,” Gabriel says, “it’s fine. You can still wait–”

“But I–”

“You don’t have to,” Gabriel says, “you definitely don’t have to. Not unless you want to, okay? We’ll get you through it without doing that, if that’s what you want to do.”

Reese stares at him, then murmurs, “Sorry.”

Gabriel shakes his head. “No need to be sorry, Pieces. You wanna wait—so it’s fine. Omegas go into heat all the time, and they get through it. You don’t gotta do it.”

He tugs his pants back on, grabs up his keys. “I’m gonna go talk to the front desk,” he says, “get the room sorted for a couple more days.”

Reese wriggles back into his clothes, still flushed and clearly half-hard, but neither of them say anything. He follows Gabriel downstairs to the desk.

It takes a lot longer than Reese wants to get the room sorted; they have to phone the sponsor, then they have to patch Gabriel through to discuss it, and then he has to get his agent to call them back, and then they’re charging it to his credit card anyway, and the whole time, Reese is shifting and fidgeting, fighting not to rub his legs together, to try and get some friction down there. He presses himself against the desk, because he’s still half-hard, and the dampness between his legs is almost unbearable.

“Why don’t you go upstairs, lie down?” Gabriel asks between rounds of phone tag; the clerk is on hold with the sponsor right now.

Reese swallows. “Come with me,” he pants, turns to look at Gabriel at last.

Gabriel shakes his head. “No,” he says. “I gotta finish this, get it sorted out.”

Reese looks around, then leans in close. “I changed my mind,” he whimpers. “Please, Gabby, please–”

He needs it. So bad. He’s not gonna get through this. He can’t imagine. Gabriel said other omegas managed, but he doesn’t think he can.

He squirms, rubs his thighs together. “I–”

“Pieces, no. You said no, so it’s my job to hold to that. That’s what you want–”

Reese grinds his teeth together, groans. Of course Gabriel would say that. Fuck. Why did he say anything about the vow? It’s gonna screw him over now, so hard. “I don’t care,” he breathes, “I need it, fuck, Gabby, I need it bad.”


“You said you’d help me,” Reese gasps, “fuck, Gabby, I need help—I need you, please.”

Gabriel swallows tightly.

Reese opens his eyes, looks right at him, whispers, “Gabby, please.”

Gabriel grits his teeth. “You said you wanted to wait.”

Reese chokes on a sob. He can’t. His pride is gone. He needs it, he’ll do anything to get it. “Please, Gabby, you said you’d help me—I-I need this, I need you, and—‘m scared, I don’t know what to do, please get me through this–”

“Only if it’s what you want, Pieces, not just heat talking, not just what you need–”

Reese strangles another cry. “Please, fuck, Gabby, ‘ve—been thinkin’ about it, ever since the pool, this morning, I need you between my legs, I want you—I trust you, if anyone has to do this, I trust you–”

“But you want it,” Gabriel presses, glancing about.

“I want it, I need, just—fuck, give it to me.” Reese presses up against him, not even subtle, his fists wrapped tight around Gabriel’s collar. He rocks his hips. He’s all but soaked through his shorts now and he needs this. He’s so beyond need, he doesn’t even know what to call it.

“Okay,” Gabriel breathes, “okay. But because you want it.”

“I want it,” Reese echoes, and although his voice is fading, he’s never wanted anything more in his life, never meant anything more.

Gabriel gives him the slightest tap on the ass. “Go back to the room,” he orders, then leans right in, whispers, “get on the bed, pants off, legs bent—on your back, spread real wide for me, babe, give me an all-access pass to that dripping hole of yours.”

Reese rocks his hips with a little more enthusiasm. “Please,” he exhales.

“Now,” Gabriel growls, and Reese goes, almost sprinting for the elevator.

It takes forever for Gabriel to finish downstairs. Reese waits. And waits. And waits some more. When the alpha finally makes it back upstairs, Reese is already sprawled on the bed, exactly as he asked, probably more obscene. He’s on his back, near the edge of the bed, legs spread wide. He’s got a hand wrapped around his own cock, which has taken on a distinctly purple hue, leaking fluid from his head already.

Gabriel steps into the room, closes the door behind him. “Hey,” he says.

“What took so long?” Reese whines, jerks himself faster, squeezes harder.

Gabriel pulls his hand off his cock and kneels in front of him, between his spread legs. He fingers Reese’s crack, slides through the slick there. “Sorry,” he breathes, “didn’t mean to keep you waiting.”

“Don’t keep me waiting,” Reese pants, “’m so ready for you.”

Gabriel slips a finger inside him. “You are,” he murmurs, “you’re so wet.”

“Make me gush,” Reese breathes, rolling his eyes up toward the ceiling, “please, Gabby—do it, give it to me–”

Gabriel presses a second finger into him. “You’re asking for it.”

Reese groans in response, lifts his hips. “How’s it feel?” Gabriel asks.

“Good,” Reese rasps, his voice ragged around the edges. “Oh, so fucking good, Gabby.”

“Is this okay then?” he asks, curling his fingers, and Reese nods.

“Like—yeah,” he pants, “feels pretty good—I, uhhh—like, maybe?”

Gabriel waits. Reese twists about a bit, keeps clenching and unclenching. “This is pretty good,” he pants, “like. I think I might get it.”

“You’re okay then?”

“It’s good,” Reese slurs, “keep going.” He needs more. More what, he’s not quite sure.

Gabriel scissors his fingers again. He pulls them back, pops them free, and Reese would blush at the squelching noise if he could get any redder, but he’s already so flush, he can’t summon more embarrassment about being soaked. Gabriel inches a little closer, glances up at him again. He nips at Reese’s inner thighs, then swirls his tongue around his pucker.

“Oh fuck,” Reese breathes. He shudders when Gabriel licks him again. “Yeah—fuck, Gabby—lick me, do it, c’mon–”

Gabriel presses his tongue against him a little harder, then bites down.

“Oh fuck,” Reese spits, “fuck, please, Gabby—that’s—hot—please, please—yeah, lick me, lick my dripping hole, oh my God, Gabby, I’m so fuckin’ wet—so wet, just for you, baby, please–”

He knows he’s running his mouth, but breathing is hard and sensation is striking all the right chords to make him echo, so he keeps babbling nonsense, even as Gabriel flicks his tongue up and down, swiping it over the sensitive flesh at his center. He moans, and there’s more liquid, he’s so fucking wet, and Gabriel laps it up just as eagerly.

Reese rocks his hips more enthusiastically, revels in the sensation of getting even wetter. It’s strange and new, hot and embarrassing at the same time, and he thinks about Gabriel with his face between his thighs, his tongue in him, licking up what’s gushing out of him, and he groans, “Eat me out, baby, please—‘m so wet, gettin’ wetter, God, baby, gonna make me gush, just—”

He breaks off, half-twisting away, burying his face in the sheets, his hips moving helplessly.

Gabriel pulls back, hooks a finger in him. Reese whimpers loudly, protesting as Gabriel forces him to turn back, curl his legs a little higher. The alpha slides his finger in and out, then hooks another one in there. Reese feels more liquid, dripping out of him now, down his thighs, damp and sticky, and Gabriel plies his tongue again, rolls it up and down his crack, swirls it around his twitching hole again, then finally plunges in, lapping and nipping at him.

Reese arches his back, comes all over himself, groaning as he does so, hips rocking frantically. Oh fuck. Oh f-u-c-k.

He collapses on the bed, watching stars dance before his eyes, trying to get his breath back. He’s tingling, right down to his toes. God.

The hell did Gabriel go? He glances around, but doesn’t see the alpha. Almost of its own volition, his hand is wrapped around his still-slick cock, and he jerks for a moment, then rolls over onto his stomach, pressing his hips into the mattress.

Oh holy hell, what the fuck is going on? He can still feel orgasm vibrating through him, but he’s hard and ready to go again, his cock twitching, his hole twitching too.

Gabriel joins him on the bed again, rolls him onto his back. The alpha grabs his cock, jerks him roughly. “Hey babe,” he growls low, leans in to lick the dip of Reese’s clavicle, and Reese shudders, “how ya feeling?”

He slides his fingers down to Reese’s twitching hole. He’s still slick, getting slicker. He presses back against the alpha’s touch. “Need you,” he whines, then laughs, “where’d you go, seriously, ‘m—uhh …”

He trails off as Gabriel slides two fingers deep into him, shuddering around him. His eyes roll back a bit, before he closes them. He ruts up into Gabriel’s other hand. “Feels good,” he rasps, “feels so fuckin’ good–”

He opens his eyes just a fraction, stares at Gabriel. “What about you?” he asks. “Gabby—you–”

“I’m fine,” Gabriel offers, his voice choked with desire, and he gives Reese a look, hot and full of desire—like a starving man, and fuck, yes, Reese wants that.

“You need–”

“This is about you,” Gabriel growls.

He pushes his fingers in deeper, as though driving home his point, and yeah, okay, Reese doesn’t really care if the alpha gets off or not. He rocks up against him, pants, “More, please, God, Gabby—more.”

Gabriel complies, presses a third finger deep into him, and Reese’s hips stutter, and he groans, like Gabriel’s punching the noise up out of him.

His head lolls from side to side, and then he pauses, locks gazes with Gabriel. “Please,” he breathes.

He doesn’t even need to finish the request; Gabriel slides between his legs, pulls his fingers out, pushes his dripping head against Reese’s entrance.

“Condom,” Reese rasps, and Gabriel goes scrambling for the box. “God, Gabby, wrap it up for me—gonna give me something nice like that, not even gonna wrap my present for me, fuck–”

Gabriel tears into one of the packets with his teeth, accidentally rips the rubber, pitches it aside, fumbles another one open—it’s almost comical. Reese would laugh, but he’s just asked his friend, his teammate, his captain—Gabriel fucking Foss—to fuck him in the ass.

The alpha rolls it on, pinches the tip, then wriggles back between Reese’s knees.

“Better,” Reese murmurs. “God—please. I need you in me now.”

Gabriel pushes his head up against Reese again, then just rests there for a second, rubs up and down a bit. Reese bites his lip, presses back against that pressure—a new one against the insistent ache throbbing deep in him, and his hole starts to burn a little as Gabriel breaches him, pushes in deep past that tight ring of muscle.

Gabriel’s inside him. Realizing that is like having the breath knocked out of him.

Then he gasps, twists, sobs, then clutches at him, grits his teeth. “Don’t tease,” he whines, “fuck, Gabby, please—I can’t—I can’t, I need you.”

He presses down, groans loudly as he does it, feels Gabriel sinking deeper into him, pressed up tight against his aching body, the friction against his flesh delicious, pushing back at that painful ache—

Reese peels open around him, and Gabriel seems to get harder inside him, and Reese gasps, groans.

“Fuck, Reese,” the alpha breathes, and Reese groans again, a full-fledged, throaty noise this time, and Gabriel rocks his hips back and pushes in again.

Reese gasps this time instead. He wraps his legs around him a little tighter, draws him in deeper. He wonders how deep he can go.

He rakes his nails down Gabriel’s back as he takes a couple of experimental thrusts. “Yeah,” Reese growls, “yeah, do it—fuck me, Gabby—fuck me hard, gimme what you got, pound me into the mattress, pound my ass, fuck me til I’m raw, baby, I don’t wanna walk tomorrow, just want your cock–”

Gabriel kisses him, breathes, “You are fucking filthy,” when they break apart.

“Please,” Reese whispers, “please, Gabby, want you so fuckin’ bad–”

Gabriel’s hands slide lower, over his hips, over those garish bruises, and the alpha growls, grits his teeth, digs his fingers down into them until Reese yelps, grinding bruises on top of bruises—

And yeah, he likes it. He bucks up against Gabriel.

“Fucking filthy,” the alpha snarls at him as he rocks into him, “you’re so fucking dirty—been thinking about my cock, huh?”

“Mmmhmm,” Reese agrees easily, “oh God, for so long now. Makes me ache, it’s so embarrassing, I get hard when you’re naked in the showers, I think about you bending me over and fucking me, right in front of our teammates, just parting my thighs, drilling into me, showing them who owns me, who owns my ass–”

Gabriel rubs a thumb over Reese’s lips, leans back and looks down. Reese wonders what it looks like, wonders if it looks as voracious as it feels. Reese rocks against him, rolls his hips into the motion.

“You’re so dirty,” Gabriel whispers low, nips at his ear, “tell me more, tell me what you think about.”

“Hnn—ah.” Reese pants, his breath washing over Gabriel’s neck. “I—uhhh, you put me on my knees, you let me suck your cock, you fuck my mouth, force me down on your cock, hold me down while you cum, force me to swallow, while I’ve got my fingers in you, finger-fucking you as I blow you–”

Gabriel hisses with pleasure, and Reese moans again.

“God,” he spits, “Reese, you—fucking filthy boy, is that all you think about, my cock?”

Reese groans again, peels back from him, turning his head. “Oh God,” he sobs, “fuck, Gabby, Gabby, so good, you feel so fucking good—“

He squeezes, and Gabriel pulls back to just his tip, and that’s mean, because Reese is right fucking there, so on edge, just one more drive and he’d–

“Don’t tease,” he begs, “don’t–don’t fuckin’ tease me, Gabby, I need it, I need it—gimme all you got, let me have it–”

Gabriel grabs him by the hips, rolls them so that Reese is sitting on top of him. “There you go, babe,” the alpha rasps, stares at Reese, and he pistons himself up and down, riding Gabriel as hard and fast as he can. He doesn’t feel quite balanced, rocks from side to side with the force of it, but Gabriel’s clutching at him, holding on to him. He’s in control of the depth and the pace now—and he’s going hard and deep, frantic for it.

Gabriel takes a deep breath and stills his hips, which means Reese has to do all the work—and he slams himself down harder, aching for it. “There ya go, babe,” the alpha repeats, “now you’ve got it—take what you want–”

“Gimme,” Reese growls.

“Fuck—babe, you’re gonna get it, lookit you, you’re so hot—riding my cock like that—goddamn.”

Reese tosses his head back, stilling. Then he drives down again, panting, and Gabriel’s eyes light up. Reese keeps moving, slamming himself down, grunting and groaning, and he nearly topples backward off of Gabriel; Gabriel grabs him, flips them around again, so he’s nailing Reese into the bed again.

Reese groans and writhes, his breath coming in short bursts, almost like half-choked sobs. His eyes are shut tight, and he’s nothing but noise—he knows he never shuts up, he should have expected this—but he’s moaning so loudly, panting, “Yes—oh my God, yes, feels so fucking good, Gabby—Gabby–”

And he breaks off again, another few groans, another couple of pants, and he arcs up again, striping both of their stomachs, his eyes screwed shut, his mouth open, teeth bared, because it feels so good it hurts—

He’s so fucking tight that it almost hurts, but Gabriel keeps slamming into him, then shudders and groans.

“Fuck, Reese,” he pants, “fuck.”

Reese is still throbbing. He writhes, whines, whimpers, “Oh God, why does it—“

And Gabriel reaches down, grips his slick, still-hard cock.

Reese looks at him frantically; tears burn at the edges of his eyes. “Why am I—it’s still hard, why–”

Gabriel jerks him a little rougher. “You’re in heat, babe,” he purrs, “it’s okay—you’re okay.”

Reese shuts his eyes; he sobs, a little more fully than before. “It hurts,” he manages, “it hurts, Gabby, why does it–”

“Sh, sh, sh,” Gabriel murmurs, strokes his cheek instead of his cock. “You’re in heat, babe, shh, it’s okay, it’s okay. It’ll pass–”

Reese rocks up against him. “Hurtssss,” he hisses, chokes on another sob.

Gabriel pulls out of him. “Tell me what you need,” he says.

“Make it stop,” Reese grinds out, “I can’t—Gabby, I’m on fire, ‘m burning up, it hurts, fuck–”

He rolls over, fucks into the mattress, hips working helplessly against the bedspread, his choked cries muffled by the sheets as he presses his face into them. “It hurts,” he whines. He’s seriously come twice now; his cock, his ass are throbbing, and what the fuck is wrong with him?

“I know, babe, I’m here to help, just tell me what you need–”

Reese sobs again. “I don’t know,” he whines, shaking his head, “I don’t know, m-make it stop, oh God, I can’t–”

Gabriel spreads Reese’s legs wide. He grabs his ass, one cheek in either hand, kneading the flesh a little as he lowers his head and slides his tongue into Reese again.

Reese shudders and groans as Gabriel swirls his tongue around inside him, digs his hands into his asscheeks. Then the alpha pulls back, breathing heavily, his breath washing across Reese’s dripping hole.

“Oh God.” He’s shaking so hard.

“Good?” Gabriel breathes and Reese shudders again, groans low like he was punched.

Gabriel’s less hesitant this time. He licks and suck and nips with abandon, growling right into Reese when he groans, when he fists the sheets, finally, when he starts screaming with pleasure, rocking back onto Gabriel’s tongue, finally shuddering apart and collapsing onto the sheets—

Gabriel wraps a hand around him, and fuck, he’s not even slick—Gabriel’s touch is chafing almost immediately.

He didn’t even come, although he’s pretty sure he climaxed.

Gabriel grabs another condom, presses himself to Reese’s pucker again. Reese lays there with his ass in the air, whimpering and moaning. “Want more, babe?” Gabriel asks, tugs on his hips a little. “Want me to plow you like this?”

Reese moans in response and he’s glad Gabriel takes that as encouragement, slides back in.

He’s much less talkative this time around—still vocal, but it’s mostly breathy moans, the occasional sob, a cry of “Keep going!”

Gabriel pounds into him for a while, finally shudders to a second climax, keeps going until he softens. Reese has stopped moving; he can’t do much more than take it, groan about it.

“Don’t stop, please,” he breathes when Gabriel pulls out; he’s rewarded by the alpha sliding his fingers back into him. He whimpers in delight.

“Babe,” Gabriel says.

“Don’t stop,” Reese slurs.

“Babe,” Gabriel repeats. “Pieces—look at me.”

Oh wow. Do something? Ugh. That seems really hard.

It takes a minute, but Reese turns his head slightly, lifts his gaze. He can barely focus on Gabriel.

“We should take a break—I’m tired. You’re probably exhausted–”

“No,” Reese says. He clenches around Gabriel’s fingers.

“—and we should probably eat. Get you something to drink. Hm?”

“Don’t stop,” Reese slurs and puts his head down again. His shoulders shake. “Don’t stop, I need – I can’t. Don’t stop, don’t stop.”

“We need to stop,” Gabriel says. “Just for a bit.”

Reese grits his teeth, but the tears come anyway. The throb is so insistent and he’s so done, but the ache is still there in his low belly and he can’t shake it. “It hurts,” he whimpers, “it hurts, I can’t—please don’t stop, please, ‘m so close—it hurts, it hurts–”

He cries louder, more frantically.

“Shhh, it’ll be okay. You’ll feel better–”

Reese hiccups, then snarls, “Put your goddamn fingers back in me, Flossy, I–”

“Need to eat and drink just like any other human being,” Gabriel supplies. “Seriously. Break time. Trust me—you’re still gonna be just as horny.”

Reese sobs a little more. He turns over, reaches for Gabriel.

Gabriel pulls back, stumbles off the bed. He tugs on Reese’s shorts, which were lying on the floor.

Reese watches him, then curls in on himself, betrayed. Gabriel shuts the bedroom door tight.

Fucking asshole. Reese rocks his hips against the mattress, but he can’t bring himself to move. He chokes on another cry. He needs to get some sort of relief, but he’s not sure how.

Gabriel brings him pizza and water at last, but he has no appetite, no thirst. He sips the water and nibbles at the food, mostly just to appease the alpha—Gabriel is really fucking concerned about this, but he wants something else.

Gabriel suggests a shower. Reese is on board, until Gabriel says it’ll be him alone, so fuck that. If he’s not getting shower sex, he’s not showering.

Reese tries to cuddle instead, but Gabriel rolls away from him and leaves the room.

Asshole. Goddamn asshole. He doesn’t even know what’s happening to him right now—he can’t subdue the ache, and it hurts, throbs through him until he’s dizzy and sick with it. He thrusts up against the air, rolls over and fucks into the mattress, but there’s nothing. There’s no relief.

Within twenty minutes, he’s howling. That gets Gabriel’s attention; he creeps in and Reese tries to grab him, drag him down on the bed. That’s apparently a no go; the alpha leaves again.

Reese chews at his lip, drops his head and shuts his eyes. Gabriel doesn’t even want him now. Fuck, he’s disgusting. He can’t get enough, insatiable little whore, and he just wants more—

And he’s scared. He’s come three times, he shouldn’t need more. He should be exhausted, but he’s pulled taut, like he could pop off again at any moment.

It’s around eight when Gabriel opens the door again.

Reese is still awake, crying silently, his lip torn to shreds, blood all over the sheets, and he sees Gabriel grimace. “Did you sleep?” the alpha asks.

Reese shakes his head, and pulls away when Gabriel tries to touch him.

Gabriel frowns. He puts his hand on Reese’s shoulder. Reese pulls away again. Gabriel knits his brow. “Pieces …”

“Just go away,” Reese sobs, “go away.”


“Leave me alone!” Reese barks, and Gabriel makes a beeline for the door, slamming it shut behind him.

Reese sits up, curls his knees to his chest. He sniffles, scrubs at his eyes with the back of his arm.

“Reese ..,” Gabriel says after a moment.

Reese pauses.

The alpha sighs. “Pieces, what the fuck? One minute you can’t get your hands off me, now you want me to go away–”

Reese sinks lower into his knees, his lips trembling with the need to say anything, before he finally murmurs, “’m disgusting.”


“’m an insatiable little whore and you want nothing to do with me, you shouldn’t have even offered, you’re disgusted–”

Gabriel opens the door. “What in the fuck,” he spits. “Reese, you’re in heat—‘m not disgusted at all, why would you–”

Reese chokes on another sob, then says, kind of pathetically, “I’m fucking scared and I want to be held, and you just shoved me away, fucked off, left me alone, so clearly you–”

He heaves for a moment, just stares at the alpha. “So just fuck off and leave me alone,” he murmurs finally, “’m sorry you think ‘m disgusting, ‘m sorry ‘m such a slut, ‘m–”

“Pieces, shut up,” Gabriel says, slides back onto the bed. “I—I didn’t realize that was what you were angling for. I thought you—‘cause you’re so desperate, and it’s better for the omega if you take a break, okay? So I thought—so I left so I didn’t break, so you could get some rest—”

“’m fucking scared,” Reese grits out.

“No, no,” Gabriel says, wraps an arm about him, “sh. There. See? It’s okay. I just—I didn’t realize that’s what you wanted.”

Reese sobs bitterly against him, and Gabriel rubs his back, silent. Reese grits his teeth, sobs a little more, says, “You’re just like him, just like–”

“Like who?” Gabriel asks, staring at the ceiling.

Reese chokes on another couple of sobs, blurts, “’m scared” again.

“No need to be scared,” Gabriel murmurs, rakes a hand through his hair. “’m right here for you, Pieces, okay?”

Reese wishes that was more reassuring.

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