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Order the Breakfast Buffet

He woke up in a cold sweat, choking on whatever was in his mouth, struggling to breathe. Whatever it was, it wouldn’t dislodge. He bit at it, tried to spit it out, grabbed at it with his hands, tore at the straps, and–
            Oh, right, he was still gagged.
            “Good morning,” Sean said, his voice rolling smoothly over the syllables. “Did you sleep well?”
            Luke looked at him sheepishly, then nodded.
            “Good,” the older man drawled. “How do you feel?”
            Luke considered for a moment, then tipped his hand side to side—“so-so.” He had a bit of a headache and ached a little. His breathing was calming now. He felt a little sick, but that might have been hunger or thirst—his mouth was dry.
            “Hm,” Flanny said, crawling onto the bed with him. “Only so-so, huh? Well, we’ll have to make you feel better … besides, I think you owe me a little something for last night.”

Luke tugged at the gag. Sean shook his head. “Ah-ah, no. That stays on.”

            “Mmphhf,” Luke said, but realized it was pretty futile. Once Flanny took something into his head, it was hard to get him to change his mind. And he seemed to have something in mind.
            “I fully intended to bang you last night,” Sean said, trussing up Luke’s left hand, tying him to the headboard, “but you were kind of a mess. Not much fun to fuck you when you’re passed out. So much better when I can watch you squirm.”
            Luke exhaled long and deep through his nose, trying to calm his heartbeat. His cock jumped at the thought that he was going to get exactly what he wanted.
            Sean finished tying up his other hand. “You’re so sensitive,” he murmured, reaching between Luke’s legs to stroke him, coaxing him to full hardness. “So reactive. I can’t believe you—you finished a heat cycle what, a week ago? And you’re ready for more.”
            Luke glanced up at him nervously. Sean grinned. “Your scent gives you away, Luke. You’re a pretty happy omega—got fucked good and hard, did you?”
            “Hmmm,” Luke replied.
            Sean’s expression darkened a little bit. “Did Mason take good care of you, hm? Did he give you everything you need, did he satisfy your body? Or …” He paused, flicking his gaze up to Luke’s face, dragging a finger down the omega’s trembling abdomen, “Is that why you’re here? Because he left you needy, wanting? Because he couldn’t satisfy you, your wanton body?”
            He dragged that finger down Luke’s length. Luke swallowed reflexively.
            “Well? Do you need me, Luke, do you need me to fill that aching hole of yours?”
            “Mmph,” Luke said, nodding frantically. He’d forgotten how easily Sean read him, how he could play him like a fiddle. He hadn’t felt so needy, so desperate until Sean suggested it to him. He was wanton; most omegas went by the ebb and flow of their cycles, and post-heat almost always was a time of inhibited libido. But here he was, tied up and gagged beneath Sean, rolling his hips up, forcing his cock into his hand.
            “Such a naughty boy,” Sean purred, the rolled down his briefs and pulled off his socks. “What are we going to do with you?” He wrapped his hand tightly around Luke’s erection, giving him a squeeze.
            Luke whimpered.
            “But,” Sean said, “you’ve been bad, Lucas. Very bad. You know that, right?”
            “You’ve been a very selfish omega, you know that? Running around, sleeping around, thinking only of your own gratification … you know what we call omegas who behave like that, right?”
            “Hnnn,” Luke breathed, trying to keep his eyes from crossing as Sean reached down, cupping his balls before he pushed up against Luke’s perineum.
            “But you’re better than that, right, Lucas? You want to be a good boy, you want praise. You want to be taken care of, have your every whim pandered to, don’t you? Who doesn’t? You want an alpha who’s going to take care of you, lavish attention on your slutty body–”
            Luke wriggled a bit, hating how easily Sean manipulated him. He did want all of that, and he could see it as Sean was talking. He railed against it in his everyday life, but one of his favorite fantasies was being someone’s pet—an omega that was pampered to the nines, lived a life of ease, was all but worshiped by his alpha. A pet was, of course, a kind of concubine, a sexual slave; a pet had no free will or choice, but the complete and total submission to the alpha was such that the alpha made all of the decisions, yet wanted the pet to live in the lap of luxury. The alpha attended to every need, every worry, every want and in exchange, the omega offered himself up for being doted upon, for being pampered, and for being available to the alpha at every waking moment.
            Pets had been more common in days of yore, when it was commonplace for members of the upper class to keep a pet—or multiple pets—to showcase their wealth and status. These days, pet-owning was considered somewhat scandalous, although it still happened. Luke fantasized about it, loving the idea of needing to do nothing except lounge and work out and get fucked whenever his alpha saw fit.
            He whimpered.
            “But you were so bad,” Sean said, “thinking only about yourself. Even last night, only thinking about yourself.”
            Sean sat back, stripping his shirt off. “I think you can wait then,” he said. “You had your fun—now it’s my turn to have some fun. You’ll just have to wait your turn.” He grinned as he leaned in, fastening the cock ring around Luke’s erection. His grin turned even more wicked—Luke’s eyes widened.
            Sean had come very, very prepared for this.
            Luke winced and bucked up as Sean pinched and rolled his nipple until it stood at attention. He gasped and arched up as the clamp bit down around the sensitized flesh, cold metal such a sharp contrast against his heated skin. Sean repeated the process on the other side, then threaded the delicate chain between them, drawing it down. He fastened it to the cock ring—Luke knew the one, with a small loop for just such a contraption—and then he gave an experimental tug, checking his work.
            Luke lurched up as the chain tugged on his nipples and his cock. He fell back against the bed as Sean let the lead go slack. “Good,” he said, wrapping it loosely around his hand.
            Now that Luke was entirely at his mercy—and keenly aware of it—it was time to decide precisely how the omega would be punished.
            “So?” Sean asked. “How bad do you think you’ve been?”
            Luke raised a sole finger on his right hand, indicating the scale of the punishment. Sean pulled a face. “Really? You don’t think you’ve been that bad?”
            Luke shook his head.
            “I got news for you, baby—you’ve been really bad. So, you wanna revise that?”
            Luke held up a second finger. Sean frowned. “Now you’re just trying to get out of it,” he accused, his tone dark and irritated. “Keep it up, Luke.”
            Slowly, the dark-haired omega lifted a third finger. Sean shook his head. “I was only gonna give you an eight, but since you’re going to be a little shit about it, we’ll go the full ten.”
            Luke groaned.
            “No complaining now, you brought that on yourself.”
            Luke winced as he tugged on the lead again, exhaling through his nose. Sean spread his legs, bending his knees up. “I hope you didn’t have plans today,” he said as he divested himself of his slacks. “You’re not going anywhere for a while.”
            Luke made a soft noise at the back of his throat as Sean kicked off the last off his clothes. He’d forgotten how well-hung Flanny was. Mason didn’t hold a candle to the older alpha.
            Luke met his gaze, which elicited a grin from the alpha, who reached down and stroked his cheek. “You look absolutely ravenous right now,” he purred. He shifted between Luke’s legs, pressing his fingers up against Luke’s hole. “How hungry are you, little kitty?”
            Luke tensed as he pushed those fingers in. He contracted around them, clenching tightly. “Oh,” Sean said, “ready to just gobble me up, hmm? Poor, starving hole you’ve got here—haven’t you been feeding it, Lucas?”
            Luke rocked back on his fingers, slowly at first, then picking up speed. He dug his heels into the mattress.
            “Ah-ah-ah,” Sean said, giving the chain a gentle tug. Luke halted, his eyes rolling back. He shuddered. “You don’t get to have fun yet, remember? It’s my turn.” He tugged on the chain again for emphasis.
            Luke sank his teeth into the ball in his mouth.
            Sean was less into corporal punishment than other alphas; he rarely doled out spankings or the like. Mostly, his idea of punishment was keeping Luke on the edge of orgasm, while he himself got off. Delayed orgasm was his favorite punishment—he loved driving Luke to the edge of reason, torturing him with pleasure, but denying him release. And then, at the end, when Luke had served his punishment and Flanny deemed him to have repented enough, he allowed Luke to climax. Luke’s ultimate pleasure rested solely on Sean’s benevolence. It was, in Sean’s view, the ultimate subordination of an omega to his alpha.
            Of course, Luke didn’t always mind—it meant he got fucked, usually more than once, and climaxing after being denied for any length of time made it all the more mind-blowing. Almost all of his best sexual experiences had happened with Flanny—earth-shattering orgasms were the norm.
            One of the reasons Luke had kept sleeping with him.
            The other major reason, of course, was his cock.
            Like most of the guys in the IHA, Sean was no slouch—he was easily 6’4 or 6’5, taller than even Mason, definitely taller than Luke. He was stocky, even for a hockey player; Luke knew Sean could easily pin him down. Even now, even as the signs of aging were starting to show—Luke was keenly aware that Sean wasn’t quite as fit as he had been when he’d still been playing—he could physically dominate Luke.
            And because he wasn’t a small guy, nobody expected him to be small below the belt either, but the truth was that Sean was well endowed. And Luke had seen some well-endowed guys in his life. He wasn’t anything to scoff at himself, but Sean was …
            Something else. “Hung like a horse” didn’t even begin to cover it.
            If it wasn’t for Sean, Luke probably still wouldn’t know what he liked in bed. If nothing else, Flanny had pushed him to his limits, had forced him to explore pain and pleasure a little more.
            Luke hadn’t had great experiences, and he hadn’t expected that his encounter with Flanny was going to be any different. The only person who had ever been half-way good was Mason, and they’d been clumsy teenagers, Luke in the throes of heat and Mason with no idea what to do with that. Mason had hurt him that first time, even if he had liked it. And Mason, the twit, had mated him in his enthusiasm, so Luke had the opportunity to experience pulling apart a bond before he went off to university.
            Mason had at least been involved in that, unlike his absentee alpha after …
            He’d hooked up with a couple of guys in the fall of that year, before that fateful January game, just after second semester had got underway. It had taken him forever to come back from that. To be brave enough to sleep with anyone ever again. Even Mason had a hard time getting him in bed that summer.
            He’d hooked up with maybe one or two guys after, but he didn’t enjoy it. His college hook-ups had been forgettable. So there’d been Mason, a handful of forgettable guys, a horrific episode, and a couple of regrettable choices. He’d been fairly certain he was never going to enjoy sex again. He’d been ruined, as far as he was concerned.
            So going into it, he had no reason to believe Sean would be anything different, that he’d offer him anything beyond a quick fuck, some grunting and groaning, and then questioning himself about why he did that.
            Things had started off on a particularly sour note because Mason had been absolutely plastered at the awards ceremony. Sean had been all but babysitting him—something that made so much more sense in hindsight—and Mason had all but assaulted Luke in the bathroom, loudly announcing to Sean that Luke was his “bitch,” and putting his hands everywhere, anywhere.
            Sean had watched with some amusement, and Luke had been utterly mortified, kept trying to pry Mason off him.
            Then they’d ended up in a Vegas strip joint, Sean feeding both of them shot after shot after shot, and they were young and stupid and what were they gonna do? And then they went back to the hotel, and Mason molested Luke a bit, divested him of his clothes, felt him up, and then passed out, face-down on the bed.
            That had left Luke, naked and embarrassed, effectively alone in the room with Sean. And that was about the time Sean copped to having designs on Mason, but the look in his eyes said he’d switched gears. Mason was no longer prime target.
            Luke was.
            Luke had been a bit afraid, afraid that if he said no, Flanny would simply go back to working on Mason. That he’d do something to Mason while the younger alpha was unconscious.
            So Luke had taken the fall for him.
            It wasn’t something he was proud of really; if he thought about it too long, he felt used and dirty and manipulated. But he’d never had anybody like Sean, who, despite all evidence to the contrary, was gentle and attentive. He’d worked Luke open, finger-fucking him for what felt like ever, slicked him up real good. He’d sucked Luke’s cock as he stretched him open, distracting him through the initial discomfort. It had been a long time, but Flanny hadn’t rushed him. He seemed content to just keep playing, fingers in Luke’s ass, mouth wrapped around his cock.
            He’d let Luke pick the position, and then Luke had just gaped at him when he finally revealed the goods. Luke had no idea if that would even fit in him. Of course, it had, but he’d been trepidation then, young and stupid and inexperienced.
            Sean had made him mewl like a kitten, beg for more. Sex had never felt that good, not outside of heat.
            He’d found out later that Sean had slipped him inducers while they were at the strip club. Luke had to wonder why he’d had them on him anyway, if he’d been targeting Mason. Inducers didn’t work on alphas, except in extremely high doses, which usually caused the person to vomit, black out, or go into convulsions first.
            Luke had always been on edge with Flanny since then—he wasn’t sure how much he could trust him. But everything they’d done after that had been consensual. Sometimes, Luke felt a bit obligated—not a good feeling, he knew, a red flag. Other times, though, he was an enthusiastic participant.
            And he’d definitely texted Flanny of his own accord in the last three years. It wasn’t a one-way thing, although it sometimes felt like it.
            Sean was stroking himself now. Luke heaved a couple of heavy breaths, ruing the gag. He wished he could breathe properly. He wished he could close his mouth properly; as it was, he couldn’t close his lips and saliva was pooling at the corners.
            “What do you think?” Sean asked, pushing Luke’s knees a little further apart, leaning over him. “Hmm? Don’t you think it’s only fair, Luke? I mean, you got to come so many times when you were whoring yourself out … I don’t think you get to orgasm for a while.”
            “Hmpf,” Luke replied, because he’d known that was coming.
            Sean wrapped the chain around his hand a little tighter, gave it a little tug. Luke inhaled, turned his head. Sean lifted his legs and started sinking down into him, breaching him, opening him wide.
            Luke groaned and lifted his hips. Sean yanked on the chain. Luke yelped, his voice muffled by the gag. He looked up at the alpha helplessly.
            “This isn’t supposed to be fun, Lucas,” Sean said sternly. “This is punishment.”
            Luke rocked his hips defiantly, because it did feel good and there wasn’t much Sean could do about it—not unless he intended to hurt Luke.
            Sean tugged on the chain again. Luke curled up, closing his eyes. “Got it yet?”
            He nodded, cringed when Sean gave a vicious yank on the chain.
            Luke opened his eyes again, letting his gaze roll up to the ceiling. He inhaled sharply, trying to calm himself. He needed to get a grip if he was going to get through this.
            His arms were starting to feel heavy now, aching from being stretched out above his head for so long. His lips were numb from being forced wide by the gag. He was drooling, he knew, but there wasn’t anything he could do about it.
            Sean planted his hands on Luke’s hips, seeking purchase. The chain in his right hand bit into Luke’s skin as Flanny held him steady, rocking into him gently, so slowly. “There we go,” the alpha murmured, “that’s it.”
            Luke let his knees fall open more, changing the stretch as Sean drove deep into him. His eyes rolled back.
            A yank on the chain brought him painfully back into awareness. “God, you’re bad,” Sean muttered. “I don’t know what we’re going to do with you.”
            “Mmphf,” Luke replied, whimpering as Sean picked up the pace, driving harder into him. The bed was thumping against the wall now. Luke hoped they didn’t have neighbors—but he couldn’t really give a fuck.
            He groaned and tried to twist away. Sean dragged on the chain again, and he choked on the noise, squeezing his eyes shut again, keeping his face turned to the side.
            “I’m beginning to think you like that,” Flanny said.
            Luke grunted in response, then pushed his tongue against the gag, trying to dislodge it even though he knew it was futile. Sean pressed him down into the mattress a little harder, gripped his hips tighter.
            He choked on another cry as the alpha picked up his legs, tossed them over his shoulders. He chewed on the gag in between muffled moans, panting as Flanny drilled into him. He curled his fingers, dug his nails into his palms.
            His breath hitched; he shuddered, and Sean yanked cruelly on the chain. Pain jolted through Luke, forcing him to curl up again, arching up. He pulled on the bonds keeping his arms suspended.
            He collapsed back, looking up at Sean helplessly. Sean gritted his teeth, shook his head. “You don’t get to come yet,” he panted, each word punctuated by a deep thrust. Luke rolled his hips up, trying to escape; he drove his heels down, into Flanny’s back.
            Sean just tugged on the chain again, pulling it taut. Luke whimpered at the strain on his aching cock, the pain searing through his nipples.
            He collapsed against the mattress again when the alpha let the line go slack, relief washing over him. He shut his eyes. His breath was labored, heavy through his nose, his chest heaving with every exhalation. He was dizzy.
            Sean slowed his pace, grinding down into him, bottoming out with each thrust. Luke tensed up around him, gasping and panting, twisting and railing against his bonds. His cock was throbbing, aching; precum was leaking from his head. He drove his hips up, desperately seeking relief.
            Sean pulled the chain taut again and Luke cried out, then bit down on the gag. He shuddered. He wasn’t sure how much more of this he could take.
            Sean pulled back, until only the very tip of his cock was inside Luke, teasing, almost ticklish against Luke’s aching hole.
            He pulled away entirely and let Luke’s legs slide off his shoulders. He dropped the chain. Luke exhaled loudly, looked up at the ceiling as the alpha released his arms. He winced as he bent them, felt the muscles tingling back to life, refreshed with blood.
            “I think it’s time for breakfast,” the alpha announced, much to Luke’s dismay.
            He waited, though, until Sean unfastened the gag, pulled the ball out of his mouth. He stretched his aching jaw, closed his mouth, pressed his lips together. He wiped away drool, his hand still tingling as he did so.
            “Breakfast?” he breathed. “Seriously?”
            “Mmhm, I think we worked up a bit of an appetite.” Sean grinned at him, catching his fingers under Luke’s chin, tilting his face up. He captured Luke’s mouth in a kiss, forcing his tingling lips apart again, plundering his mouth, tongue tangling with Luke’s, sparring for dominance.
            He pulled back and Luke exhaled, tipping his head back.
            “Aren’t you hungry?” Sean asked, leering at Luke.
            Luke glowered at him, knowing full well that Sean was mocking him, teasing him now. He was starving—but not for food.
            Sean tugged on his boxers. He headed for the door, then paused, glancing back over his shoulder. “Lucas,” he said, “come.”
            Luke growled, because that sounded a lot like what he wanted to hear—the order he needed—but he knew Sean was just jerking him around. Cautiously, he slid off the bed, his feet landing on the floor. The chain swayed and bobbed, smacking him in the chest, bouncing off the insides of his thighs. The lead dragged on the floor.
            He took a step forward.
            “Ah-ah,” Sean said, waggling a finger. “On your knees.”
            Luke dropped to his knees, made his way forward on all fours. The carpet bit into his knees, his palms. He stopped next to Sean.
            The alpha picked up his lead again. “Come along,” he instructed, heading into the living area of the suite. Luke followed before the strain on his cock and nipples was too much.
            The tile floor of the kitchenette was cold against his shins, but he sat back on his heels when they stopped, waiting for his next order. He was patient as Sean went about fixing breakfast—apparently this had been planned too.
            “This way,” Sean said, giving the chain a tug as he slammed the mini-fridge door shut. Luke followed him to the small dining area. He sat back again, staring at the table, the trays with the covers still on them, the glasses with plastic wrapped over them.
            Evidently room service had been in—Luke hoped not while Flanny had him tied up, moaning and groaning, but he wouldn’t put it past Sean.
            Sean set his last few items down on the table, then seated himself. Luke started to his feet.
            “And what are you doing?”
            He froze.
            Sean pointed to a cushion on his other side. “Your seat is right here,” he said.
            Luke bowed his head, then sank back to his knees. He crawled around Sean’s chair, then perched on the cushion.
            “Don’t slouch,” Sean ordered, tugging on the chain.
            Luke sat up straighter. He watched as Sean buttered toast. The alpha met his gaze, irritation all over his face.
            “Where are your manners?” he snapped. “Did you forget everything I taught you?”
            Luke startled, then pinned his gaze to the floor, ducking his head in submission. He’d forgotten about that rule—he wasn’t to make eye contact, wasn’t to look at Sean unless he was explicitly directed to. Keeping his gaze averted was submissive, polite, showing deference to Sean’s position as his alpha.
            He also wasn’t to speak unless spoken to. He was to wait, patiently, silently, until Sean deemed it time to give him some attention.
            “Hands by your sides,” Sean directed around a mouthful of toast. “Or I’ll tie them up again.”
            Luke dropped his hands out of his lap, letting them dangle listlessly by his sides. He stared down at his cock, still half-hard, smeared with precum.
            He glanced up at Sean’s extended hand, offering him a strawberry. He glanced up at Sean, then back to the berry. He leaned forward, bit into it, closing his eyes as he did so. He sucked it into his mouth.
            “Look at the mess you made.”
            He swallowed, then looked at Sean’s extended hand. Bright pink juice traced a path from his finger down to his wrist, the dripped onto the floor.
            “What are you going to do about that, Lucas?”
            He hesitated only a fraction of a second, then plied his mouth, lapping up the sweet juice, rolling his tongue across Sean’s wrist, up the heel of his hand, up, up, up, to the tip of his finger. He closed his lips over the tip and sucked gently, flicking his tongue against the tip. He let his eyes slide shut.
            Sean hooked a second finger into his mouth. Luke hollowed his cheeks and sucked harder, making as much noise as he could. He planted his hands on the cushion and lifted to all fours. He turned his head side to side, then slid down Sean’s fingers, deep-throating them, sucking for all he was worth.
            Sean pulled his fingers away with a pop. Luke sat back, licking his lips.
            “You want something to eat?”
            He tilted Luke’s head up. Luke nodded once. Sean rubbed his thumb across his parted lips. “Mmhm, what do you want, baby? You want some meat?”
            He’d pivoted on the chair; he pushed Luke toward his lap, turning the omega’s head side to side, letting his lips graze the head of his cock. Luke pressed his face to the alpha’s crotch a little harder, mouthing his erection.
            “Please,” Luke said, licking his lips.
            Sean threaded his hands through Luke’s hair, pushed him down gently.
            Luke needed no encouragement. He went down easy, parting his lips over the tip, closing his eyes as he started sucking.
            He slid down as far as he could, til the head hit the back of his throat and he choked up a bit, coming up. He hollowed his cheeks and sucked harder.
            “Mmhmm,” Sean said, ruffling Luke’s hair, “you’ve been practicing.”
            Luke wrapped a hand around what he couldn’t fit in his mouth, then dragged his tongue up the underside of Flanny’s cock. He lifted his gaze to meet Sean’s, seeking approval. He sealed his mouth over the alpha’s rod again just as quick, sliding down swift, then coming back up. He bobbed, sucking harder and harder, letting his teeth graze over Flanny’s flesh.
            “Fuck,” Sean breathed, tugging on his hair. Luke bobbed faster. “Yeah, that’s it. Suck it.”
            Luke pulled off, licking his lips. He rolled his tongue over the slit, licking around the head, then sucking ever so gently on the tip.
            Sean rolled his hips. Luke glanced up, seeking permission.
            “Use your hands,” Sean said with a slight nod.
            Luke braced his hands on Sean’s thighs, going deep, sliding down til his nose was flush with Sean’s skin. He tried to relax; his throat kept tightening. He blinked away tears.
            “Yeah,” Sean breathed, bucking up, “fuck, baby, yeah, that’s good, that’s good–”
            He pushed Luke down again, and Luke closed his eyes, learning to breathe around it. He slid his hand down, cupping the alpha’s balls.
            Sean tensed, then shoved him down hard, holding him there. He tore at Luke’s hair, thrusting up furiously into his mouth.
            Luke braced his hands on Sean’s thighs again, choking as Sean rammed his cock down his throat. Tears burned at the corners of his eyes.
            “Swallow,” Sean ground out, and he held Luke down as he rode out his climax, thrusting a few more times, then stilling as he spilled down Luke’s throat.
            Luke swallowed as best he could, still coughing, still choking as the hot liquid spurted out of Sean.
            Sean’s grip eased and he came up slowly, coughing, holding his throat. Sean sank back against the chair. Luke swallowed and coughed, wiping tears from his eyes.
            One moment, he was sinking down on his cushion; the next he was being lifted up, laid out on the table, his legs dangling off the edge.
            Sean gave him a tap on the ass. He lifted his legs, bent at the knee. Sean knelt down. “Good work deserves a reward,” he said, and Luke whimpered, trembling at the mere thought. Sean licked him, and Luke clenched up.
            The alpha pulled back. “Okay, you’re way too excited about this.”
            Luke inhaled, tried to relax.
            “I’m not sure … you might get off.”
            Luke bit his lip. Sean considered for a moment, then said, “I have something for that.”
            He watched the alpha leave the room, then let his head fall back, clunking on the table. He stared at the ceiling, waiting impatiently for Sean to return.
            The alpha did, not a moment later really. He grinned at Luke as he caged his balls, clamping them into the contraption. He linked that to the rest of the chain, dragging Luke’s balls down when he tugged on the chain.
            “That should do the trick,” he said, the dropped to his knees between Luke’s legs again. Luke groaned, clutched at the edge of the table as Sean dipped his tongue into his crack, rolling up between his cheeks. He shuddered as Sean licked him again, this time running his tongue across Luke’s perineum, then his sack. His heels came up of their own accord, his legs lifting a little higher.
            Sean put a hand on the inside of his thigh, shoved him open wider, licking and sucking at his hole, swirling around the edge before dipping in, forcing his way past any resistance Luke offered.
            “Fuck,” Luke spat, digging his nails into the tabletop.
            Flanny smacked him. Luke yelped. No swearing, right.
            Sean licked him a couple more times, then started to suck, hollowing his cheeks. The pressure was delicious and Luke rolled his hips without thinking about it, let his eyes roll back in his head.
            Sean plied his teeth and Luke shivered, the thought of teeth near his most sensitive flesh somehow terrifying and electrifying at the same time.
            Sean wrapped a hand tightly about his cock, jerking him roughly, dragging another moan out of Luke. He rolled his tongue up Luke’s crack again, pausing to suck gently on his balls. Luke panted, watching the ceiling blur in and out of focus. He shuddered, moaned, rocked himself into Sean’s ministrations. He could scarcely get his breath; his heartbeat thundered through his ears, singing with pleasure.
            “Yeah,” he groaned, tensing.
            Sean yanked on the chain, pulling him back from the edge. He groaned, this time with frustration. His hole clenched; his cock twitched as Sean’s breath washed over the tip.
            Then Sean closed his lips over his head, engulfing him in warmth and wetness, and Luke clutched at Sean, desperately, shoving up into hot and tight and wet.
            The alpha pushed him back down against the table, a silent reprimand, but he kept sucking on Luke, followed him down.
            He started to hum. Luke’s breath hitched; his heart skipped a beat. He grabbed at Sean’s ears, tried to force him down. “Oh, Sean, please–”
            Sean pulled off him, yanked viciously on the chain. Luke howled, bucking up. He stared at the wall behind him, his cock throbbing with pain.
            “Turn over,” Sean ordered.
            Shaking, Luke turned onto his stomach, pressed his forearms into the table. Sean nipped at his neck. Luke stilled when he ventured near those marks.
            A finger passed over the scars, an acknowledgment, even as Sean’s mouth moved away, biting at Luke’s earlobe. “Wanna fuck you so hard,” the alpha whispered into his ear, licked him for good measure.
            “Please,” Luke whimpered.
            The alpha wriggled a finger into him, then another, and another. He stretched his fingers out, pushing Luke open in all directions. Luke shuddered around him, tried to clench up.
            “But you can’t cum,” Sean said, stroking down his back, swirling his finger at the top of Luke’s tailbone.
            He pushed a fourth finger into Luke. Luke rocked forward, groaned as he lowered his head. “Please, please, please,” he panted, pushing back on Sean’s fingers, “oh, Sean, please–”
            “Please what, Luke? You can ask nice all you want—I dunno what you want.”
            He circled his thumb against Luke’s hole, stretched taut over his other digits. Luke pushed himself up, then back.
            “Fuck me,” he breathed, “please, Sean, fuck me.”
            “What did you call me?”
            Luke gulped in air. He’d forgotten.
            The thumb slipped in, stretching him wide. He fumbled for a moment, trembling around that force. “Ummm,” he murmured, chewing at his lip. “Captain.”
            “Good boy,” Sean says, curling his fingers into a fist.
            Luke groaned, dragging himself forward. Sean pulled his hand out, finger by finger, leaving Luke panting.
            Luke groaned again as Sean pushed deep into him, until all nine inches of him was sheathed inside Luke. Sean gripped his hips, rocking experimentally. “You feel so good around me,” he murmured, leaning forward over Luke.
            “I feel you,” Luke murmured.
            “Did I tell you to talk?”
            Luke whimpered as the chain was tugged on. Sean held him closer, pressing them together. Luke tensed.
            Sean started pounding him, hard and fast, slamming into him. The table rocked underneath them, Luke just barely hanging on to it. He felt light-headed, dizzy. He shut his eyes tight, tried to focus on breathing—every thrust forced his breath out, every backward motion gave him space to inhale, but it was so fast. He felt like he was hyperventilating.
            He had no control; his hips jerked back and forth of their own accord, bumping into Sean, colliding with his rhythm, like he had two left feet. He groaned loud when Sean slammed into his prostate, then held him there, pressing the head of his cock into that sweet spot, grinding against Luke’s inner walls.
            Luke saw stars. “Oh god,” he moaned, unable to hold his tongue. He shoved back against Sean, then cried out again as pleasure burst before his eyelids. “Oh, please, Captain, please, fuck me harder—please, you feel so good–”
            “You fucking slut,” Sean snapped, yanking on the chain and Luke sobbed, felt warm precum dripping down his cock, smearing across the table as Sean forced him forward.
            “Please!” Luke cried.
            “Please what? Tell me what you want, slut.”
            “Fuck me! Please, please, fuck me–”
            “What do you think I’m doing?” Sean snarled, clearly annoyed. “What, you want me to fuck you harder?”
            “Mm—yes! Please!”
            “Tell me—what do you want me to do? Hmm?”
            “Fuck me harder, please, Captain, oh—please, please–”
            “What do you want?”
            “Your cock, please, oh god, fill me up, please, I’m so empty, please, please—I need you, I need you deep inside me, so bad–”
            Sean smacked him, growled guttural, a raw sound that shook Luke right down to his core. Only a quick yank on the chain drew him back from the edge. Sean gave him a few more rough thrusts, then spilled inside him.
            He pulled out of Luke a moment later, smacked the omega’s ass. “Hold it,” he ordered, and Luke clenched tight as he could.
            Sean considered him for a moment, then said, “All right, relax.”
            Luke sighed softly as he relaxed, cum dripping out of him, across the backs of his thighs. He looked back at Sean, bit his lip.
            The alpha stared at him, shook his head. “You are such a slut,” he said softly.
            Luke lifted his hips and Sean growled ferally, leaning over him. “I shouldn’t,” he whispered, nipping at Luke’s neck. His hand wrapped firmly around Luke’s cock.
            “Please,” Luke whimpered. He wanted it so badly.
            “Hmmm,” Sean said, “but I’m not up right now …”
            Luke whimpered, pressed his hips back against the alpha. “I need you,” he whispered.
            Sean gave him a squeeze. “Keep it up,” he murmured, “I might get it up again …”
            Luke ground back against him, closing his eyes, rolling his head back. Sean yanked on the chain, clucking like a hen.
            “This will never do,” the alpha said, turning him over, onto his back, lifting his legs. He started fingering Luke again, first one finger, then another, deep inside the omega. Luke groaned, clutched at the table, laid his cheek against it as Sean probed him deep. He loved it.
            “Tell me what you want,” Sean murmured, thrusting deep into him. Luke rocked back against his fingers, groaning.
            “You,” he panted, pressing his hips back, tightening around those fingers.
            Sean snorted. “You would,” he muttered, as though he thought Luke wouldn’t hear him, and then he pulled his fingers out, one by one. And then he plunged deep, breaching Luke wide open. Luke shredded what was left of the tablecloth between his fingers.
            “Are you ready to cum?” he asked after a moment.
            Luke nodded mutely, and Sean wrapped his hand tightly around Luke’s member, jerking him to completion. He fumbled with the ring, then released him, murmuring, “Cum for me, baby.”
            Luke came, hard, stars bursting before his eyes. He tipped his head back and groaned, long and loud, shaking as he spilled over Sean’s hand, the table. Relief flooded through him, and he closed his eyes, collapsing onto Sean.
            Sean’s hands were sticky, pulling on his skin as he laid Luke out on the table, just away from the mess Luke had made. The alpha held his hand up to Luke’s mouth, and Luke parted his lips, lapped up his own fluids from Sean’s flesh. “What a good boy,” Sean murmured.
            Luke keened, then licked his lips.
            Sean rubbed his thumb across the omega’s lips, silent for the moment. Luke watched him, holding his tongue as well.
            “Bed?” the alpha asked, and Luke nodded. He didn’t even think to object when Sean picked him up, bridal style. He knew it wasn’t an easy carry, even if the alpha tried to deny it—Luke knew he wasn’t light by any stretch of the imagination.
            Sean placed him on the bed, kissing him gently, then crawling on top of him. Luke reached up, gripping Sean’s biceps, kissing back for all he was worth, his tongue tangling with the alpha’s.
            They broke apart panting. “Wish I could keep you in my bed all the time.” Sean murmured, mouthing at Luke’s neck. Luke tensed, even as Sean pulled away, simply rubbing over the sensitive skin with his thumb.
            Luke shut his eyes and bit his tongue. He didn’t want Sean to know how much he wanted to be in his bed always.
            Sean kissed him again, then settled down beside him, idly toying with one of the nipples clamps. Luke squirmed uncomfortably, then gasped as Sean released it. Blood flowed back into sensitive flesh and Luke arched up into sensation.
            Sean pinched the nipple, then released the other. “You’re so goddamn sensitive,” he murmured, then unhooked the chain, freeing Luke entirely from his bonds. Luke relaxed back against him, his body sagging.
            Sean wrapped his arms around him, holding him close. “I missed you,” he murmured.
            Luke grabbed at his hand. He wanted to ask why Sean had never texted, never called. If he’d missed him …
            He knew now, the divorce, Megs being psycho, trying to drag them both down, but …
            He couldn’t help but think that Sean could have said something, anything at all.
            He twined their fingers. Sean rubbed his thumb over Luke’s wrist, his pulse. Luke closed his eyes, trying not to feel too elated. He didn’t care, after all. Sean had left him for three years, never said a word—but he didn’t care. This was nothing more than revenge, a blow against Mason and his stupid model fuck buddy. It didn’t matter if Sean hadn’t called him in three years, because there was nothing there to begin with. It wasn’t a relationship. It never had been.
            And Luke didn’t want it to be. Sean had been there and convenient and Luke had needed to get back at Mason, to show Mason he wasn’t pathetic enough to wait for him, to wait on him. They weren’t in a relationship, so Luke wasn’t about to play celibate monk for a playboy like Mason. He wasn’t stupid enough to do that anymore.
            His lids were heavy again. He fought against sleep as Sean raked his hands through his hair. Then the alpha leaned in and kissed his temple, murmuring, “I missed you so much, Luke,” and Luke shuddered, because it was more than Mason had ever told him, more than he’d ever gotten from Mason.
            He hated that fact. He wanted so much from Mason, yet the alpha never delivered …
            And even though Sean had been gone for three years, had seemingly just dumped him and left him alone for three years, the alpha had still given him more than Mason had ever deigned to.
            Sean tweaked a nipple, as though to remind him who had the power, who was really in charge. “You’re so goddamn sensitive,” he murmured, “god, I love playing with you, love hearing you beg for it.” He growled against Luke’s neck, making the omega shudder as he leaned back against him.
            He tensed when Sean’s breath washed over his neck, his teeth nipping at the flesh just above those silvery scars. He lathed his tongue over them.
            “Don’t,” Luke whimpered, trying to pull away, turn his head. He didn’t want to be mated.
            Sean followed him, kept his mouth pressed to his skin. He sucked gently, then pulled away when Luke keened. He rubbed his thumb over the scars.
            “Whoever did this,” he murmured, his voice falling a notch or two, “they ruined you. If I ever meet the asshole, I’d like to deck him. Knock his teeth down his throat for this.”
            Luke wondered if he should tell Sean that he probably knew both of them. Mason definitely deserved to get socked in the face.
            Instead, he chewed his lip worriedly, wishing that Sean would just let things lie. Luke didn’t want to be mated ever again. It wasn’t worth it.
            “I’ll wait,” Sean murmured, finally pulling his hand away from Luke’s neck. “Someday, you’ll come around—you’ll be ready. Then I’ll bite you, and you’ll be mine—all mine, forever, and I’ll keep you here, in my bed, in a state of want, aching, begging for release, your body all strung up, but never satisfied–”
            His hand crept lower. Luke flushed; his breath hitched and his cock twitched, stirring back to life. Sean chuckled at him, wrapped his hand firmly around him and started rubbing him—long, languid strokes. Luke closed his eyes.
            “You,” Sean snickered, “are the horniest goddamn omega I’ve ever met.”
            Luke rocked his hips into the alpha’s touch, groaning when he tightened his grip, his callouses catching under Luke’s head. He started to pant.
            Sean’s other hand worked lower, opening up his hole again. Sean tsked at him, plunging his fingers in. “Christ,” he muttered, “I dunno if I can keep up with you, you nymph.”
            “Mmmhmm,” Luke replied, rocking back against him. “Please.”
            “Didn’t I fill you up, hmm? Your hole’s still hungry, slut, still begging for me … You still hungry, baby? Need some more?”
            “Uhn,” Luke replied. He glanced down. His cock was at full-flag now, throbbing away in Sean’s hand. His hole was clenching around Sean’s fingers, and yeah, he could go again. He thrust into Sean’s hand with more vigor.
            “Oh, there we go,” the alpha murmured. “God, you’re such a fucking slut.” He squeezed Luke hard.
            “Shut up and do me,” Luke snarled, glancing back over his shoulder.
            Sean stared at him for a moment, then released him. “You are awful,” he said, “didn’t you learn anything?”
            He pulled his fingers out of Luke. The omega rolled onto his back, legs in the air. “Please,” he mewled, “please, fuck me, I need–”
            Sean stuffed the gag back in his mouth. “Oh,” he said, grinning wickedly, “you asked for it. I’m gonna do you until you hurt, and you’re not even gonna be able to beg me to stop.”
            Luke quivered with anticipation and the alpha laughed at him. He picked up the bonds again.
            This time, he tied Luke’s legs to the headboard, lashing his ankles instead of his wrists. Luke couldn’t lower his legs; he laid there, spread wide and open for Flanny.
            Sean pressed on his thighs and Luke grunted, unsure of the pressure. He really shouldn’t do anything that could hurt him—his team needed him in playoffs and …
            Well, really, he shouldn’t have been doing this.
            “Ready?” Sean asked. He didn’t really care about an answer; he was already sinking in as he asked.
            He gripped Luke’s calves and started jackhammering him, driving straight down in, and Luke moaned and jerked at his bonds, but there wasn’t anything he could do. He turned his head from side to side, reached up for the bonds. Flanny slapped his hands away, then gripped him harder, leaving bruises all over his flesh. The room was filled with the sound of flesh smacking flesh, Flanny driving in balls-deep every single time, slamming into Luke’s sweet spot over and over again, til Luke’s eyes crossed.
            Every thrust was a dizzying new burst of pleasure, like a miniature orgasm exploding through his veins, shuddering up his spine. Every time Flanny drove in, he stretched Luke a little wider, and his nerves sang with it. He groaned and moaned around the gag, breathing heavily through his nose.
            He didn’t know how long it went on, just that Sean stilled and spilled inside him again. And then the alpha pulled out. Cum splashed out of Luke, down the backs of his thighs, and then he was stoppered up but something wide and long, nearly round, and big—bigger than Sean even, so big.
            “C’mon,” Sean said, “you can take it, baby, I know you can take it.”
            Luke whimpered and clenched around the toy as it continued sinking into him, stretching him open so, so wide …
            He whimpered again and tried to pull away. He couldn’t move; he was helpless. He closed his eyes and turned his head.
            “Almost there,” Sean murmured, then reached around and started stroking his flagging erection.
            Luke opened his eyes wide. There were studs on the toy, pressing deep into him, pushing him to his limits. He tensed and came, suddenly, all over Sean’s hand.
            “Oh,” the alpha said, “I didn’t say you could finish.”
            Luke whined, still shaking. “We’re just getting started,” Sean said, and then there was a click, followed by a motorized hum.
            Luke groaned as the toy started vibrating, rubbing against his already raw nerves, pleasure shuddering through every synapse, from the tips of his toes to the top of his head. Sean pulled the toy back, then slammed it in.
            “I can’t keep it up forever,” he murmured, “but this thing will just keep going and going …”
            Luke whimpered loudly. He reached down and started stroking himself. He couldn’t help how he was reacting; even though he’d just come, he was still half-hard and not softening. His hole was clutching at the toy, dragging it in deeper, even as he shook apart around it.
            Sean pushed it deep into him, left it there, vibrating inside him, splitting him open. Luke started rocking his hips, partially in an effort to bear down on it—and partly trying to get away from it. He groaned, wrapped his hand around himself and jerked furiously, matching his rhythm to his hips—his thrusts were limited by his bonds, snapping on his legs every time he came too far forward.
            His thighs were aching, his glutes were on fire, his abs screaming from the abuse, and his rod was tingling still. He started to feel sick, riding that fine line between pleasure and pain.
            Sean grabbed the toy, started fucking him with it again.
            “What do you think?” he asked. “Think you can take some more? Can I get some more in you, can I stuff you right full, Lucas?”
            “Mmphf!” He shook his head furiously; there was no more room. He couldn’t stretch any further.
            Sean grinned wickedly. “Sure ya can,” he said, and wriggled a finger into Luke. Luke whined at the burning sensation as his muscle was stretched past the point of breaking.
            “Another?” Sean asked.
            Luke dropped his head forward, shook his head.
            Sean worked it in. Luke’s voice broke; the sob came unbidden, deep from his chest. Once he started, he couldn’t stop. He sobbed freely, tears running down his cheeks.
            “Sh, sh,” Sean said, “you’re okay.”
            Luke shook his head. Sean nodded. “You’re fine, baby. I’ll take good care of you, I promise … you can do this. You can do this for me, can’t you?”
            Luke sniffled loudly, then nodded minutely. He met Sean’s gaze, blinking tears out of his eyes.
            “God, I love you,” Sean said, and pushed a third finger into him.
            Luke screamed, then bit down on the gag, hips jerking erratically. He clenched up tight, and orgasm ripped through him, sudden, unexpected. His eyes shot open and he saw white, nothing but hot, white light. His body convulsed and he collapsed against the bed, as much as his bonds would let him, every fiber of his being singing with that exquisite mix of pleasure and pain.
            Sean pulled his fingers out, followed by the toy. Luke shuddered, groaned. He was so spent. Everything hurt, and he needed it to stop now—
            Sean plunged back into him, fucking him ruthlessly. “You asked for it,” he snarled, “you asked for it–”
            Luke sobbed again, hysterically this time. He wasn’t going to last; everything hurt. His cock was throbbing, his asshole burning against the stretch. Everything was on fire. He was burning up, so sure he was going to be sick.
            He clutched at Sean, who just kept drilling him. “Almost there, almost there, baby,” he panted as he banged away at Luke, his balls slapping rhythmically into Luke’s ass.
            Luke dropped his hands, sobbing audibly now, the noise hissing out from around the gag. Sean’s rhythm became jerkier, erratic. “C’mon,” he said, “fuck, Luke, you feel so fucking good, still so tight, so tight and warm around me baby, fuck–”
            He came with a cry, kept going, pistoning into Luke. Luke grimaced, felt it building in him—the need for release.
            He screamed when he came—dry this time, his cock only half-hard against his belly—his sphincter contracting and releasing rapidly, his entire body shaking. He saw spots, darkness eating up his vision, and then for a moment or two, he saw nothing, felt nothing.
            He heard himself sobbing. Sean was pulling the gag out of his mouth. He’d already let his legs down. Luke sniffled loudly as the alpha helped him sit up, tried to stifle his sobbing.
            Sean drew him in close, stroking his hair. “Shh,” he whispered, “shh, there’s a good boy. You did great, baby, you’re so amazing.”
            Luke clutched at him, tried to calm his breathing, his heartbeat. He pressed his face against Sean’s chest.
            “Shh, shh. You did so good.”
            The alpha tilted his head up, forced him to look up at him. He wiped tears away, smiled gently at him. “I’m so proud of you,” he murmured, then kissed Luke gently. “How do you feel?”
            Luke bleated instead of giving him a coherent reply.
            Sean folded him into the embrace tighter. “You’re okay, baby,” he murmured, “you did great, it’s over now, I’m right here, right here for you …”
            Luke ducked his head, then exhaled the breath he didn’t know he’d been holding. He let Flanny guide him down to the mattress.
            “Just breathe,” the alpha instructed, “that’s all you need to do right now.”
            Luke inhaled, then exhaled. He clutched at Sean’s hand—it was the only thing keeping him grounded right then and there.
            Sean kissed his forehead. “You’re so …” He didn’t finish that thought, instead pulling away and heading into the washroom.
            Luke laid back, stared at the ceiling. Sean came back, started wiping him down. “You’re such a mess,” the alpha murmured. “Such a beautiful goddamn mess.”
            Luke lifted his head to watch him, then dropped his head against the pillows as the rough terry cloth swept over him, scratching at his over-sensitized flesh. He closed his eyes and tried to focus on breathing. That was all he had to do. That was all Sean wanted him to do.
            A tap on his hip. “Turn over for me, baby.”
            He rolled onto his stomach, lifted his hips when Sean touched him there gently. The cloth almost tickled as Sean washed him down, cleaning up the evidence of their tryst.
            The alpha wiped himself down, then pitched the cloth back into the washroom. He patted the other side of the bed. “Move over here, don’t sleep in the mess.”
            Luke looked at him for a moment and then, with great effort, he pushed himself across the bed, into Sean’s open arms. Sean drew him into another embrace, ruffled his hair fondly. “How do you feel?” he asked again.
            Luke nodded. “O-okay,” he said, glancing at the alpha.
            “Good,” Sean murmured, letting his hair fall back into his eyes. “You passed out there for a couple of minutes. Scared me a little bit.”
            Luke flushed and averted his gaze. “I, um. It hurt.”
            “Good hurt?”
            “Good hurt,” Luke affirmed, nodding. He glanced at the steely-eyed alpha, then cuddled in a little closer. He knew it was stupid and girly, but he liked to be held, especially if the sex had been rough.
            His burning muscles definitely thought that sex had been rough. He shifted a bit; he wasn’t sure if he was going to be able to sit down, never mind walk or skate.
            “Do you need something for pain?” Sean asked, stroking down his side, then drawing the blankets up.
            Luke nodded. “’m pretty sore,” he mumbled.
            “As you should be,” Sean said, then shifted off the bed. “Hold on. I’ll be right back with something.”
            “Mmkay,” Luke murmured, curling up tightly, closing his eyes. He listened to Sean pad out of the room, then hastily sniffed at himself.
            He grinned broadly, like a cat that had caught a mouse.
            He reeked like Sean. Absolutely stunk of him. The alpha’s unmistakable scent was practically pouring out of every pore in Luke’s skin.
            It was exactly what he’d wanted. It was going to drive Mason absolutely insane. He could scarcely wait to see the look on the idiot’s face—jealousy and rage, maybe a bit of sadness or regret.
            “What are you giggling about?”
            He looked up at Sean, who set a glass of water and some painkillers down on the bedside table.
            “Nothing,” he murmured, shifting over for the alpha, who crawled back into bed with him, wrapping him up tight again.
            “Hmmm,” Sean said. He didn’t believe him—probably for good reason, Luke thought as he cuddled in closer.
            Sean gave him the tablets, then forced him to swallow some water. They settled back down again.
            “You’re showering before you leave,” Sean said.
            “I know,” Luke murmured.
            “And you’re going to scrub, so don’t even think about making Mason jealous.”
            Luke started. “I wasn’t–”
            Sean pushed a finger against his lips, silencing him. “Please. That’s what this whole thing was about—which, if I’m honest, I’m pretty pissed off about. I don’t want to be used, Luke. You either come to this bed because you want to be here, because you want me, or you don’t come at all. Got it?”
            “This has nothing to do with Mason,” Luke spat. “I texted you because I wanted to be here. Why the fuck wouldn’t I want to be, I’m never as satisfied as when I’m with you, Sea—Captain.”
            Sean’s lips quirked up into a smirk. “Is that so,” he drawled. The smile fell away. “But in all seriousness, this is between us, not anyone else. It’s not Mason’s business—nobody else’s business. So you’re washing, and you’re scrubbing til you’re raw—I don’t care. You’re not leaving here smelling like me.”
            “Hmm. Fine.” Luke turned his head, smirking to himself. Sean could say what he wanted, but Luke was definitely walking out of that room smelling like him, and he was going to wear that scent proudly. There wasn’t much Sean could do about it either—scents were hard to get out when someone had been as thoroughly fucked as Luke had been.
            “Okay?” Sean asked sharply.
            “Mmhmm,” Luke replied, turning back, clutching at him. He closed his eyes, stifled a yawn.
            “Did I wear you out, my nymph?”
            “Mmm.” He settled against Sean’s warm body.
            “Good. ‘cause you wore me out, babe, and we both need to rest up for round two.”
            Luke groaned. “Round two? I have playoffs, Sean, I can’t–”
            “You can so.”
            “Like, no, I need to walk and skate and–”
            “You can do everything I tell you, Lucas. You should know that by now.”
            Luke fell silent, staring at the alpha for a moment or two. “All right,” he relented at last.
            “Good boy,” Sean said, patting the covers as he rolled over. “Now, get some rest. I’ve got a fun new game for us to play …”
            Luke swallowed nervously. A moment later, the alpha was out, snoring loudly, leaving Luke to wonder what the hell this new “game” was and what it would entail.
            Sometimes, sometimes, he wondered what he’d done to deserve such shitty taste in alphas.


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