A Fall To-Do List

The weather has turned colder. Frost is upon the window panes. The sun is still bright, the afternoons warm, but there’s a spice, a chill in the air that speaks of the seasons turning, changing, of time moving ever onward …

That means it’s time for a fall to-do list.Fall means back to basics. The students are back at school. Adults are back to work. Historically, fall is a busy time too–when farmers need to bring in their crops, to make preparations for the cold, unrelenting winter ahead. It’s a season for getting serious.

Time to Buckle Down

Summer was a busy season for me. It often is for those in publishing. Textbook publishers typically try to get their books out for the start of the fall semester, while trade publishers are trying to get books into bookstores for the holiday selling season, which ramps up between October and December. As a result of books getting crammed through, editors are often very busy.

My summer was also jammed with lots of travel and socializing. I took a couple of trips with my boyfriend to various locations in Canada and the States, as part of his job. I took a trip to Sweden and Belgium. The website was overhauled. I put my nose to the grindstone to work on new stories, new books, and new content for the site.

I’m also picking up physical training. In short, I was busy. I spent a lot of time away from my desk.

My boyfriend has headed south for a few weeks. I’m parked at my desk with new editing projects, and plenty of ideas and ambitions for Ficsation and my writing.

An Ambitious Season

Fall is a difficult season for me. I suffer from SAD, which becomes worse in the fall. I usually don’t notice the ill effects of shorter days until mid-October, but I know they’re coming. Anticipation becomes a spiral: I know it’s coming, so I worry about it, and so seem to make myself depressive earlier than I need to be.

Gloomy fall weather doesn’t help. So this year, I want to focus on balance and ambition. There’s lots I want to accomplish. And I want to focus on having a “good” fall. Some people love rainy days when they can curl up with a book. Others love the frostiness and a good hot cup of tea or coffee. I want to be one of those people.


Why am I putting my to-do list online, for all and sundry to see? So you can hold me to account. Here are some of things I want to accomplish this season. Engage me in conversation about them! What are your goals? Let’s be workout buddies or writing pals. Are you a fan of a show I want to watch? Did you read a book I want to read? Talk to me!

Let’s discuss our goals and encourage each other to reach them.

The List

Without further ado, here’s my to-do list for Fall 2017 (September 21 – December 20).

  • Release Slapshot! Volume I
  • Release Strange Addiction
  • Participate in writers’ chats on Twitter
  • Finish Submerged
  • Begin at least one new manuscript
  • Have a Halloween contest
  • Participate in NaNoWriMo
  • Read one book per month
  • Watch Yuri! On Ice
  • Watch The Musketeers
  • Start practicing yoga again
  • Swim three times per week
  • Keep up with content for the site
  • Create a mailing list for updates
  • Watch more hockey!!!!!

A Balance

There’s lots more I could include, but I don’t necessarily want to be exhaustive. Nor do I want to make the list so rigid and exacting that I turn it into a tool to make myself feel guilty about maybe not getting everything accomplished.

So there we have it. My fall to-do list. Let’s see what I can accomplish as the days grow shorter and the trees drop their leaves!

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